Our prime concern is confidentiality with our clients. Your opinion is the key to our success which lets us learn and improve constantly.

Some testimonies:

Company from the industrial sector

Our experience with the Quartz team has helped us sort out our innovation which we had been handling in a short-term and disordered way.

Now, not only have we been able to bring in innovation as an added value but also with the Quartz professionals we have managed to better control our costs and improve our tax saving.

Company from the Agri-food sector

At present I have contracted the services of Quartz in the administrative area which has drastically reduced liquidity tension. We have also contracted the services of Quartz in the commercial area which has provided the creation of contacts which we would otherwise have been unable to achieve using our own means.

In Quartz they work for real and achievable targets with highly experienced professionals who carry out their work directly and use their broad network of contacts to generate synergies.

Company from the Automotive sector

The Quartz team advised us to diversify our markets in order to increase our sales and spread business risk. They also designed a novel implementation; one of the Quartz professionals would work part-time in our company to carry out field work and get new clients. Nowadays we have developed the market and it already represents 15% of sales, and rising… 

Service Company

We were noticing that the national market was no longer absorbing our sales increase like in recent years. Quartz provided us with a completely innovative idea.

Their professionals were going to act directly in international markets to promote our products and ensure the future of our company. Nowadays our sales abroad make up 30% of the company’s total.

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